Application Area

Finding an Focus

Below is a slideshow of ideas notes from our initial brainstorm session, during which we hoped to define our application area.

Many post-it notes later we settled on the question of “How might we enable people to travel without limitation?”


Travelling appeals to people for a number of reasons. First, it exposes you to different cultures. Second, it can enlighten you to see the world in a novel way. Third, travelling with family and friends is a memorable bonding opportunity. However, these days, travelling can be very expensive. On top of transportation fares, a traveler must account for food, lodging, and tourism costs. Travelling can be time-consuming as well. Sometimes, months of planning is required, and once you finally arrive at a destination, time is wasted getting lost or not knowing where to go, especially for unseasoned travelers. Transportation itself also takes up a significant amount of time that could have been better spent. In addition, when travelling in groups, it is difficult to coordinate schedules in order to find a convenient time. For these reasons, travelling is an intimidating commitment that is stressful and overwhelming for many.

It is particularly challenging for 18-25 year-olds who are struggling to survive and find meaning in life. Lack of free time and adequate funds prevent them from exploring the rest of the world. They need an inexpensive and convenient way to gain the same benefits of travel without the hassle. Our goal is to eliminate the constraints of time, space and money for these individuals.